Looked like a LEOPARD ...... feet of a BEAR ...... mouth of a LION .............. Revelation 13:2 KJV

Looked like a leopard

Looked like a leopard
ANCIENT ALEXANDRIAN EMPIRE, (336 - 323 B.C.) THAT THIS END TIME BEAST RISES FROM.... Today (2013) this area is a hugh powder keg with a burning fuse, but right on God's timetable ............ See a map with more details at the end of this post.

The End Time Beast Empire

                 All verses quoted are KJV, for an instant reference in the
                      English Standard Version, place cursor on chapter/verse.


God showed John, in a vision, a symbolic Beast that represents
the endtime kingdom that will be ruled by the Antichrist.    John
said in Rev.13:1-2,"I saw a Beast rise up out of the sea (peoples
and nations) having 7 heads, and 10 horns. And the Beast that
I saw was like  a leopard,  but it had the feet of a bear and the
mouth  of  a lion: and the dragon (Satan) gave him his power,
and his seat, and great authority."

So this one Beast that John saw was made up of the three

Beasts that represented the old Alexandrian empire that included
all of the middle east.  More than likely the Antichrist arises
out of  present day Turkey. At some point he will be possessed 
by the ancient evil spirit of Gog and will build his power base
from that part of the Middle East... he will be joined by the afore
mentioned  10 horns,  i.e.,10 Kings (leaders of 10 nations).

Rev.13:1-18,  and  Dan.8:1-27, are two earthly and heavenly

dramas that are intermingled with each other in God's prophecy.
The above paragraph is what God showed John. Now we go back
in time 600 years, where God showed
Daniel a vision of the same
3 Beasts plus a 4th Beast (the only Beast that
John saw), but it
was made up of the 3 that Daniel saw.

Dan. 7:3, 4, 5, 6, 7 __God shows Daniel a vision of four great

Beasts coming up out of the sea (nations and peoples). The 1st
Beast was like a lion (ancient Babylon). The 2nd Beast was like
a bear (Persia and Media). The 3rd Beast was like a leopard
(Greece). And the 4th Beast was terrible, and it had 10 horns.

God showed Daniel 4 Beasts (representing kingdoms),then 600
yrs. later, He showed John that 3 of the Beasts (past kingdoms)
would become the 4th Beast (endtime AC kingdom), that John
describes in Rev.13:1-2. In other words, (to be a bit redundant),
God showed to Daniel, a lion, a bear, a leopard, and a 4th
terrible Beast. And 600 years later He showed John only one
Beast (the 4th) that was composed of parts of a lion, a bear,
and a leopard, meaning that this last endtime kingdom (the 4th)
would rise out of the first 3 that are now past history to John,
therefore, no need to show him. However, it was necessary to
show Daniel all 4, because 1 was present and 3 were future.

The four kingdoms represented by the 4 symbolic beasts, that
God showed to Daniel in 555 B.C......(Dan.7:3):


1st............. .........2nd..................... 3rd..................... ......4th
ancient..............Media ..............Alexander's..............beast
Babylon............Persia.................empire....................that had
Iraq...................Iran.............   Middle East..............10 horns

Below is the symbolic beast God showed John 600 years later,
and this single beast is made from the first 3 beasts shown in the
above, but not from the  4th........This beast  is  the 4th! ....

And it had the......

Rev.13:2                     Rev.13:2                   Rev.13:2                         Daniel 7:7            

mouth of........feet of...........looked like...........and becomes the
a lion 1st.......a bear 2nd.......a leopard 3rd....  ...terrible beast 4th
Babylon.........Media ...... ...symbolic for...... ....with 7 heads and
........Persia...........Alexander's........ .10 horns, Daniel Iraq................Iran............. Empire...........  ...saw 600 yrs before

The 3 ancient kingdoms (above) will be welded together by the
Antichrist (and devils), into one terrible "beast" empire, ruled
by him, empowered by the dragon (Satan), and centered in the
middle east, and will control the world in last half of tribulation.

Rome is not mentioned or seen in any of the visions, and to say
that Rome is going to be revised and become the endtime A.C.
4th kingdom, is an assumption. If this were true a symbolic beast
would have been used by God, to represent Rome in the vision.

God showed Daniel another vision of these same kingdoms, this
time using different symbolic animals. (Dan.8:20-21),God showed
him a
ram with two horns, and told him the horns are the kings
of Media and
Persia (Iran). Then God showed him a goat with
one horn, and said the horn is the king of
Greece (Alexander).
Then Dan.8:8-9, states (basically) that out of his (Alexander's)
combined ancient empire (most of middle east) would come forth
a little horn (antichrist), and Rome was never in Alexander's old
empire. Again Rome is not mentioned, only
Persia and Greece.

To clarify some of the above, Daniel 8:8, describes a goat that in
Dan.8:5 has one horn (Alexander).And now in Dan.8:6 this
with one horn runs into the ram that has two horns (kings of
Media and Persia). God was showing Daniel that Alexander's
army would conquer the Media/Persian empire, and then in
Dan.8:8, Alexander would become great (the Alexandrian empire)
and then die. And in his place four horns would rise up and

divide his empire into four parts, and Dan.8:9 out of one of
these parts would arise a little horn (antichrist). Now, neither
Rome or Europe was ever in this empire. So how can most
people say that the antichrist comes out of a "Revived Roman
Empire" or somehow connecting Europe to this empire?

Image of Time That Represents the Four Kingdoms ----->

Ancient medical books show legs to be from the knee to the feet.
See that the brass (Alexandrian empire) color is from the chest to
the knees, so the thighs (upper legs) are part of the (brass)
Alexandrian empire, not the east and west division of Rome, but
instead the north and south division of the Greek empire. After
the death of Alexander, his four generals broke his empire into
four parts, and history tells us that these four generals fought each
other until there were only two left. So they divided Alexander's
empire into two parts, north and south kingdoms. So we get the
expression 'king of the north' and 'king of the south' (Dan.11:5,6).
Seleucus was "king of the north," and his descendants ruled the
vast area of the entire middle east from Greece to India. Ptolemy
was "king of the south," his descendants ruled Egypt, Sudan and
Libya until 31 B.C., when taken by the Romans.

So, the two thighs down to the knees represent the split of the old
Alexandrian empire between general Seleucus of the north , and
south under general Ptolemy. Not a revived Roman Empire. And
the Knees to the feet represent times of the gentiles, i.e. Rome and
all of the great world powers, until the 4th endtime beast kingdom
that is represented by the feet. "And the toes (10 kings) of the
feet were part iron (demons), and part clay (human)..." i.e., the
10 kings are humans indwelt by demons, part demon, part man,
"...iron mixed with clay, they shall mingle themselves with the
seed of men..." (Dan.2:42-43 KJV).

Now in Daniel chp.11, in the first half of the tribulation, the A.C.,
with the help of the 7 kings, reunifies the Alexanderian Empire;
Let me be clear, the A.C. does not rule with the 7 kings, he uses
them to gain a power base for himself in the first 3 1/2 years; he
will be doing amazing things, because this man is indwelt by a
ancient demon spirit, second in power under Satan and will be
able to control these 7 kings to advance his agenda.

Russia is not Gog (Eze.chp.38 and 39) as we are told. Russia's
people are the people of the north, but not the kingdom of the
north. In Ezekiel's and Daniel's time the Russian territory was
inhabited by unorganized barbarians and was not recognized by
God or man as a kingdom. In Dan. 2:39 God says Brass (Greece)
would rule "all the earth" (known kingdoms of that time). "King
of the north" was and will be again "north of Israel" but not to the
north pole, which Russia almost reaches. The Alexandrian empire
(the Arab and Persian world) after the Antichrist reorganizes it,
will be much stronger than the European Common Market.

Lets review all of the above and see if we can find Rome (or the so
called revived Roman empire) in any of the visions or dreams God
showed to Daniel or John, that concerns the four kingdoms:

A.Rev.13:1-2, God showed John the 3 kingdoms that the endtime
beast 4th kingdom would rise out of: 1.Like a leopard-Greece.
2.Feet of a bear-Persia. 3.Mouth of a lion-Babylon... No Rome!?

B. Dan.7:3-7, God showed Daniel all four kingdoms: 1.Like a lion-
Babylon. 2.Like a bear-Persia. 3.Like a leopard-Greece. 4.God
did not use a particular animal to represent this 4th kingdom, but
Daniel described it as dreadful and terrible, with great iron teeth
and different from the first three beasts, it had 10 horns (i.e.kings).
This is the 4th endtime beast kingdom... No mention of Rome!?     

C. Dan.8:20-21, God showed Daniel: 1.Ram with 2 horns(Persia).
2. Goat with one horn (Greece).... No mention of Rome!?

D. Dan.2:32, and Dan.2:38-42, Daniel interprets the image: 1.Head
of gold-Babylon. 2.Chest of silver-Persia. 3.Belly and thighs of
brass-Greece4. And the 4th kingdom shall be strong as iron. I
believe this is in reference to Dan.2:41-44, where its talking about
the 4th kingdom represented by the feet and 10 toes, iron and
clay..... Again, no mention of Rome!?

The Bible does not say that the Antichrist rises out of Rome, or
the so-called revised Roman empire or Europe. It's always the old
Alexandrian empire that God has frozen in time that the Antichrist

will rise out of... However, Rome will be personified by the *Baby-
lonish woman (i.e. false religion) that rides into the last half of the
tribulation period on the Beast (Antichrist) system  (*See the link:
"Mystery Babylon" at the end of this post). 

Another reference to this Greek empire is in Dan.7:19, "Then I
would know the truth of the fourth beast (empire), which was

different...dreadful...teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass..."
This 4th beast kingdom had nails (claws) of brass, which is
symbolic for Greece in the image. Then Dan.7:20, goes on to say
that this 4th kingdom beast (not only had nails of brass) also had
10 horns and another horn that came up later from this Beast

will be the Antichrist. This clearly states that the Antichrist
out of Alexander's Empire. Rome or Europe was never
in any
part of the old Alexandrian Empire. (see the maps at the
bottom of this article).

Now, getting back to Rev.13:1-18. The endtime beast with seven
heads and 10 horns, seen by John (Rev.13:1) is a geographically
located land area (middle east), and will be the
terrible beast 
kingdom, which at a specific time will have 7 heads (kings, rulers)
in the first 3 1/2 years,
and 10 horns (potential kings), during the
last 3 1/2 years of the great tribulation (Rev.17:10).

To analyze the above, with the use of Rev.17:10-12, "There are
7 heads (kings)" and 10 horns and an 8th head who is added to
this group of kings, 5 are fallen, one is and one is yet to come,
which makes 7. Then an 8th (antichrist) who is one of a group of
8 kings, not one of the 7, but will be like the first 7 kings. So we
see the political beast has grown another head (antichrist) when
he starts to rule at the beginning of the last half, after the 7th head
was through ruling, or killed. Where did the 8th head come from?
He is the little horn (A.C.) of Dan.8:9-11, who is no more a little
horn at the beginning of the last half of the tribulation, becomes
the 8th head and ruler of the world, after the 7 are gone at the
end of the first half.

In the above two paragraphs, John is being shown a vision of the
Endtime Beast A.C. Empire;
not something that takes place in his
day, or even to this present day.
This Beast had 7 heads, and 10
horns and a harlot woman on it
as it enters into the last 7 years of
this age (the 70th wk. of Daniel).

In  Rev.17:10-11, John is basically told the 7 heads are kings,
5 are fallen, the 6th now reigns, and the 7th is yet to come,
but his
reign will be short (perhaps killed).

I believe the above paragraph takes place in the first half of the
70th week, while the A.C. is building a power base, probably

behind the scenes, but he will work closely with the 7 kings and
the harlot woman system (use them). At the mid point he takes
over power from the 7th king (or kills him), and
will become the
8th king, only in the sense that he will be like the
7 kings, but not
of the 7, because he does not ride in on the Beast,
he is the Beast.

Also on this Beast (A.C.) are 10 horns that Rev.17:12, states are
10 kings, which have received no kingdom as yet, but will receive
power as kings for a short time; probably the second half at which
time the A.C. reigns only with the 10 kings, and all hell breaks
loose for the last 3 1/2 years. So he really does not rule with the
first 7, his rule is after, with the 10 kings....

....And the A.C. is really the 8th king of the 10 horns/kings, not of

the 7 heads/kings, because when Daniel saw this Beast it had 10
horns plus another little horn/AC  (Dan.7:8, Dan.7:20, Dan.7:24).
And 3 of these kings
were subdued by him, but probably not
killed, because the Bible makes it
very clear that he reigns with
the help of the 10 kings. The entire
7 year period is the endtime
Beast period, but he only has full
power in the last 3 1/2 years....

.....And at this time (last 3 1/2 yrs), this unholy system will consist
of Satan (talking image) and his 12 fallen angels (unholy disciples):
False-christ, False Prophet and the 10 kings (all devils in the flesh).

The main characters of this group will be the  unholy trinity of:

Satan,   False-christ,
  and the False prophet, .. ..An imitation of: 

Father,  True-Christ,  and the Holy Spirit, ......The Holy Trinity.

It's clear that the False-christ's number is  "666,"  but it would be
too obvious for him to use this number as the actual  mark, Satan
considerably smarter than this....see Rev.13:17-18.

In the English Standard Version, Rev.13:17, seems to infer there
are two different types of marks put on people. But for a better
translation the KJV is always the most accurate.  In the KJV.....

..........this same verse (Rev.13:17 KJV) reads:

"...that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark 
or the name of the beast, _or the number of his name." 

The above verse implies that there are three types of
perhaps to show rank, such as rulerspolice,  or the public.

As I stated Satan is too smart to use the number "666"  as it
wouldn't deceive anyone........However, these marks would
probably have some kind of equivocal value to this number.


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